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The Right Way to Warm Up and Cool Down

Raise your hand if you don’t take time to warm up or cool down in your workouts. Now, raise your hand if you don’t do any ‘prehab,’ i.e active stretching pre-workout, or stretching or foam rolling post-workout. (Be honest.) For me, having my knee …

The Art of Layers For Fall (and Spring) Running

The Art of Layers For Shoulder Season Running

Layering for runners: It’s a subtle art. You don’t want to overdress, or underdress, and you definitely don’t want a bunch of gear flapping around on you. But at the same time, buying clothing for every season is pricey and impractical, since the combo …

Everything You Need to Know About Sourdough Bread + Recipes!

Sourdough bread: the final frontier of baking. Or, arguably, the simplest bread to make but also kind of the toughest to master. I’ve been trying to get more into baking and making my own food (ahem, see my story on wanderlust vs homesteading—this is …