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Your Guide to DIY Fermentation

March 25, 2019

Your Guide to DIY Fermentation

I love a good DIY, but I am NOT a patient person, so for me, getting into fermentation has been a bit of a challenge—but such a delicious one! I’ve been messing around with sauerkraut, kombucha, picked radishes and even sourdough bread in recent months and it’s been a really fun ride. But to be honest, I still suck at cooking and my recipes are NOT cookbook worthy. So, over on Outside, I chatted with some crazy-smart people who do have gorgeous cookbook-worthy fermentation recipes and advice for pickling the perfect radish, rocking kimchi, and even brewing your own kombucha. If you’re even slightly fermentation-curious, I highly recommend giving it a look: I broke it into stupid-easy, medium, and kind-of complicated, but they’re absolutely all do-able, and SO good for your guts.

Click to read: Your Guide to At-Home Fermentation

PS: I have a sourdough recipe from a baker friend coming to this site soon!




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