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Working Hard… And Loving It!

July 15, 2011

Working Hard… And Loving It!

In the past couple of days, since getting back from Ohio, I have been insanely tired. But weirdly, pretty darn productive.

A few days in LA cut back on my snacking habits, since I only ate when we went out to get food- so, 3 meals a day and that was it. Then, in Ohio, I was with an insanely healthy eater, so that helped remind me how to eat right. That and about a million conversations about the beauty of oatmeal, quinoa and peanut butter.

So when I got home, I actually stocked up on the healthy stuff I should be eating, and cut out dessert foods on weeknights- I’m a huge dessert person but when I looked at my diet, I was adding an extra 500+ calories every night without realizing it! After getting my butt kicked over and over on the weekend during the Tour of the Valley, I realized that something had to go – that something being my crap habits and ten or so pounds that are slowing me down. Between that realization and the ability to ride again, thanks to my legs finally not cramping every two seconds, I’ve been riding every day for a week now. And it feels good!

I’ve been doing just easy towpath rides because over the weekend, I have some super secret new stuff going on (read my Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo column on Tuesday to get the scoop!). I wanted to put in these longer 2+ hr rides daily just to get my legs back into the routine of riding … and to try out my awesome new finally-built-up cyclocross bike!

I’ve also been stretching after rides, which is surprising even myself. I’ve said it before, I hate stretching, but I know that doing minor things like that make a difference in how long you can train without issue. At the end of the day, that 10-15 min post ride will really help out.

I did end up buying quinoa and while I thought I hated it, turns out I really love it. I cooked it poorly about 4 years ago and never tried it again. Finally did and WOW! So good! I’ve been using that as the basis for one meal a day, and really up-ing the protein quotient in most of my meals. I’m not cutting calories exactly, just eating better. And it does feel good- especially how I’m doing it now, as opposed to when I first started in May (I have earlier posts on that) when I was depriving myself of stuff I liked. Now I’m just choosing better options but not ruling stuff out. I’ve also rediscovered a love of peanut butter- especially with apple slices!

In addition to starting my serious cyclocross-training regimen since there’s only about two months left until Nittany CX, I’ve also been doing mundane things like writing book proposals, sending out article proposals, writing for the fashion column I run, and, you know, “working on my novel.”

Yep, being home is productive.

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  1. WATTS Molly, not weight. TRUST ME.

    • Totally agree- it's just that I know my body and I know that I put out better power when I drop the extra pounds that creep on when I'm not training! But the weight is all about the watts, if that makes sense- the second my power starts going down, not up, the weight loss stops- though I don't think I'll hit that point. My body is pretty firm in where it wants to be...

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