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workSilicone Keyboard Cover for MacBook: This is a lifesaver. Since I usually am working while I eat (and working outside, and pretty much always), this has saved my computer, and it’s only $2!

TeuxDeux: the best, easiest To-Do list app (for iPhone and for your web browser). It’s super clean and simple, and syncs between phone and web so wherever you are, it’s there. It has a calendar function, recurring to-dos, and down below, you can write in your own lists (I have a shopping list, grocery list, blog entries, story ideas, etc.) … Plus, each day, whatever you haven’t finished just shifts to the next day so it’s there waiting for you when you wake up!

ZAGGfolio for Apple iPad: The iPad is great for me, especially the Feedly App that keeps me up to date on all of the happenings in all of the other cycling medias (including the Flemish ones!). Bonus: I have a great app that turns handwriting into fonts, which is my favorite thing ever. But more on that later. Right now, what I really love is the ZAGGfolio carbon fiber bluetooth keyboard and cover. It is amazing. Works great, the battery lasts literally an entire year, and it pretty much turns the iPad into a spare laptop. (Perfect for working on writing when flying, and for crappy race days when I’m outside and don’t want to wreck my real laptop.)

GoodReads: I use GoodReads to a) motivate myself to finish books that I’ve started, b) keep track of my favorites and c) see what my friends are reading. It’s great, especially with the iPhone app that allows me to scan barcodes of books! Bonus: my book, Mud, Snow and Cyclocross is on there!

Kindle App: I love this, since I read a ton but can’t always carry a bunch of books with me. And since I don’t have a ton of cash to spend on new books, what I really love is that my library does e-lending, meaning I can borrow books for 2 weeks on my Kindle. I highly recommend checking with your local library to see if they run a similar program. The free books on Kindle and places like Project Gutenberg are awesome as well.

Nikon D5100 DSLR Camera: This is the camera I do most of my work with, which involves race and product photography as well as a lot of video interviewing. This camera is perfect because it didn’t break the back (it’s about $500) and it’s been super durable. I’m not gentle on equipment, so me having a lot of various lenses and a fancy camera body is a bit tough. While it’s always tempting to upgrade, I think this is the best setup for me, keeping it simple so I have more time to focus on what I’m shooting, not what I’m shooting with. I have an external microphone and a waterproof case for rainy races (more on those later).

Headless Mannequin: This sounds way more insane than it is. While most of the time, I take product photos of clothing and accessories on me, I think sometimes they can be better showcased on a mannequin instead, so I spent the $95 and got this new buddy to wear clothes and accessories. Bonus, when I am home, it makes for a kind of funky display (and surfboard stand!)

See the rest of my favorite things for living life on the road and staying reasonably pulled together.

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