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#WhereInTheWorld // Sittard, The Netherlands for Cyclocross

October 20, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Sittard, The Netherlands for Cyclocross

Here we are in The Netherlands, by way of Brussels. With Germany and Belgium both close by, it’s safe to say that we’re in the motherland of all things cyclocross.

We’re staying in the USA Cycling compound, which very much looks like an actual compound, complete with concrete flooring and slightly eery showers and dorm rooms. It feels very much like you’d expect, though.
Stylistically, the area jumps between ultra modern structures that look like what gives birth to shipping containers, but then there are plenty of country style farm houses. Tom, Brandon and I went running a few morning–heresy, I know, but we didn’t all bring bikes this trip—and explored the fields behind the compound. Secret trails abounded. And running in the slick mud made me start understanding why cyclocross is the way it is–and perhaps more importantly, it made me begin to understand the roots of cyclocross in Belgium. The farmers fields we were sprinting through were exactly like those that cyclocross began on, and it’s easy to see why the sport is so technically challenging in Europe compared to the States.

Of course, that all paled in comparison to being at my first European cyclocross race, the Valkenburg World Cup. I have no words—at least, not yet, Stay tuned.


I’ve had a bit of time to explore the actual town of Sittard, though I’m looking forward to next time I’m here and having a bit more time/knowledge of the area. But while I was here—and to bring it back to the feature photo in this post—I fell absolutely in love with this “concept store / coffee shop” called Fee in the downtown. It’s high fashion meets high-quality coffee and baked goods, and the clothing is amazing!! (Albeit pricey. I had some serious treat-yo-self moments, but decided to go home and ponder the pieces I wanted before committing.) I can’t wait to come back with Peter and stroll around!

Stay tuned for my next Outdoor Edit if Dutch-fashion-meets-avid-outdoorsperson intrigues you.

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