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#WhereInTheWorld // Rochester, New York for Coffee

September 6, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Rochester, New York for Coffee

Cyclocross is here! So, for this #WhereInTheWorld, we’re naturally back in Rochester, New York (home of Peter and my first trip together two years ago, actually!) for the Ellison Park CX race. So in addition to being excited to help out Jeremy Powers on his way to yet another race win, we were excited to have a bit of time to explore town and enjoy ourselves without the pressure of racing. We hiked and mountain biked, found secret singletrack, ran a bunch, and spent a lot of time getting to know Jeremy and his awesome mechanic Tom a bit better. But the best part (sorry guys!) was definitely the coffee.


Drink This: Joe Bean’s Coffee Roasters downtown. Best cold brew, hippest atmosphere (without that urge to punch everyone in the face, lacking in suspenders). They do three speciality coffees each day, so the first day, we opted for pour-overs, done painstakingly by the coffee-loving staff, who were all excited to talk about bikes too!

IMG_8536Run Here: I ran to Lake Shore Drive yesterday from our hotel. The run to the shore wasn’t great, but man, I love running along the water. I swear, I stood and started for a solid 10 minutes, just soaking it in. SO good.

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