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#WhereInTheWorld // Providence, Rhode Island for Breakfast

October 3, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Providence, Rhode Island for Breakfast


It’s the second weekend in the Holy Week of Cyclocross and after a couple days back at my parent’s place, you’d think we’d be a little more relaxed. But van shopping and a trip into NYC meant that we weren’t exactly chilling out all week… But we’re here in Providence for another #WhereInTheWorld!

Eat here // Julian’s. It’s sort of the hip place to go for brunch if you have facial hair and tattoos (or just tattoos for us ladies). However, it’s a classic for a good reason. With a low-lit, funky bar (and awesome action figures in the bathroom), it’s not a cutesy brunch place, it’s a brunch place you can bring your male friends without them feeling goofy. Coffee is great, but the real secret to Julian’s ordering is to do half French toast, half eggs benedict: they have such good options for the eggs (and tons of vegan choices too), so if you’re craving something savory and something sweet but don’t want to overeat, the halves of each is the way to go. Trust me.

Run here // Providence isn’t great for runners (there, I said it). But India Point Park happens to be right by the hotel, so we’ve been there the past couple days. It’s small, but I love a good harbor view, so that makes up for it. If you’re in the city, just try to aim your run there, do a couple laps, and run out, preferably up Wickendon street for some window-shopping and possibly a coffee stop.


Drink here // White Electric Coffee has always been one of my Providence go-tos. Great coffee, great service, great pastries, and a bit of a punk rock vibe without feeling dirty. When I was a dirty punk kid living in a nearby warehouse (that is a thing that happened), I’d come here nearly every day to warm up and work, and it’s always been great. Even Peter likes their coffee, and that’s saying something. He’s ridiculously picky. (I actually have their tshirt and regularly wear it, if that’s an indication of how good it is.)

Watch this // The cyclocross race, of course! Roger Williams Park is where all the action of the KMC Providence Cyclocross Festival happens, and it’s a great course with tons of exciting cyclocross action. The men race later in the day—5PM—and I can tell you I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to a hot toddy after the race. Fall is here, and I am feeling moderate about that.

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