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#WhereInTheWorld // Point Lobos National Park in Monterey, California

April 19, 2016

#WhereInTheWorld // Point Lobos National Park in Monterey, California


We had a day after Sea Otter to relax a bit and go for a nice long hike—I have a pretty rough cold and riding was almost impossible with how stuffy I am, but a walk in the sun was perfect—so we searched for cool hike spots in Monterey and found Point Lobos.

Point Lobos is a National Park just over in Carmel, California, and it’s amazing. The trails are super well-groomed, so it’s not really a technical hike at all, but the views of the ocean and the coves (and the baby seals!) are just stunning.

It’s $10 to drive inside, but free (plus suggested $2 donation) to park on the road outside and walk in. The whole place takes about 2 hours to cover moving at a relatively brisk pace, and the trails are super well-marked. Great spot to go on a date hike, or with a non-hiker friend/relative.

Check out a few of my favorite shots!

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