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#WhereInTheWorld // Madison, Wisconsin for Bikes and Cocktails

October 14, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Madison, Wisconsin for Bikes and Cocktails


We were in Madison for another #WhereInTheWorld—slightly delayed this week because it’s been insane and I’m actually about to get on a plane and go to Belgium. Eek! But Madison was awesome enough that I’m writing a delayed post. The people there, in particular, were amazing. I can’t say enough good stuff. At the Trek CXC Cup, Madison and Milwaukee-based Colectivo Coffee was giving away free coffee and in addition to being delicious, the guy running the stand gave me a massive list of place I had to check out while we were in town. I admit, we didn’t get to all of them, but he was so damn nice about it! Then, when we were driving home from our date night, Madison’s streets confused us, and we were stopped at a light, unsure of what to do. Peter had our turn signal on, and a ridiculously bro-y frat guy came running up and knocked on the window. I was a little hesitant (did we break bro code? Was Peter’s flat brim supporting the wrong team?) but rolled it down. “This is a one way street,” he said, incredibly politely, “And I saw your turn signal was on. Go straight and then make the next right and you’ll be good.”

…I know, right?!?

Anyway, the best drinks and the best rides.

Drink here // Merchant. It’s hip, it’s downtown, it’s quiet and dark, the specials for food are great, as is the Happy Hour, but let’s talk about the fact that the menu is actually a book with a table of contents. For cocktails. And they have seasonal ones (the basic girl in me LOVES this, sorry), including a fall-themed Old Fashioned. Delicious, didn’t break the bank, and did I mention delicious? The cool part is they change the cocktails each season and don’t repeat them the next year, so it’s worth checking out frequently. We went on a Monday night when it was quiet and I think that was a good move.

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsRide here // Blue Mound State Park and everywhere! Madison is one of the most bike-friendly places that I’ve ever been. From a bike rental service courtesy of Trek to bike lanes everywhere to a sweet loop around the lake to mountain biking just outside the city, it’s great. Peter loved 22km Lake Loop in town, and on Sunday, we drove out to Blue Mound State Park for a long trail run for me and a ton of singletrack for him. Both of us were quite pleased with the results.

Loooooong trail run. Blue Mound State Park is rad!

A photo posted by Molly Hurford (@mollyjhurford) on Oct 11, 2015 at 1:18pm PDT

Pig Out Here // Monty’s Blue Plate Diner. Indulgent and delicious, just like a New Jersey diner, but with funkier menu options and vegan and gluten-free choices. It’s a fun spot to bring pretty much any group, and it’s actually less insanely crowded than you’d think. They don’t do reservations, but they do make almond milk French toast that is crazy good.

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