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#WhereInTheWorld // Louisville, Kentucky for Bikes, Bourbon (and Tacos!)

November 7, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Louisville, Kentucky for Bikes, Bourbon (and Tacos!)

We’re in Louisville, Kentucky, between races in Cincinnati and the one here in town at Eva Bandman Cyclocross Park (a completely CX dedicated park, amazing!).  The week has been an absolute blast, between finding an awesome AirBNB near the ‘hip’ part of town, some insane coffee and food, great outdoor mountain biking in the city, and—the  coolest part—riding underground at the Louisville Mega Caverns!


I’ll start with the Louisville Mega Caverns, because they were awesome. Check out @BicyclingMag on Snapchat for the whole day in photos from our ride yesterday, or watch the videos that Peter and I filmed on Bicycling Mag’s Periscope to get a full view of the park. It’s massive, it’s muddy, and there are awesome jump lines (I got a teensy bit rad. But not too rad.). Highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area!


For coffee, definitely go to Quills in The Highlands. There are a bunch of options for coffee, from slightly pricier pour-overs made with small-batch roasts, or your basic brewed coffee for $1.80 / cup plus .80 refills! Pretty good deal for really solid coffee. We did a pour-over on our first visit and it did not disappoint, but went cheaper the next time when we were here for a longer work session that required a lot of refilling. They make fancy lattes and whatnot too, and that’s delicious, but the plain coffee is where it’s at. The baked goods are fresh and local (and amazing. The cookie above was quite honestly the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had. Sorry, mom!).


Next up was riding outside at Cherokee Park, just a couple miles from where we were staying near The Highlands. What other city has mountain bike trails like this (fast, fun, flowy, with a bit of roots and rocks thrown in, plus a fair bit of up-and-down) in town?!? I think I hit most of the trails in about 45 minutes, but I definitely missed at least a couple!


Speaking of riding in town, there’s Eva Bandman park, where this weekend’s Derby City Cup cyclocross race will be held. It’s where Cyclocross Worlds was held in 2013, and it holds serious emotional significance for me (I was there reporting on it) and for tons of the people who will be there this weekend, so I’m really looking forward to that!


On a less-fun but still rad note, I love running along the river at the park that runs parallel to it. They’ve done a great job making it super accessible and runner/walker friendly: I couldn’t believe how many people were out on a weekday morning! Super cool.


I saved the best for last. Go to El Taco Luchador Taqueria in The Highlands for the absolute best taco you will ever eat in your life. Highly recommend the veggie: blackened greens and plantains, plus amazing guac!

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