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#WhereInTheWorld // Gloucester, Massachusetts for Cyclocross

September 26, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Gloucester, Massachusetts for Cyclocross

Cyclocross is officially in full swing. It’s been a crazy couple weeks getting into the always-on-the-go nature of the season, and I admit, #WhereInTheWorld has suffered a bit because of it. But here in Gloucester at this amazing inn—the Colonial Inn—I’m finding myself with a couple of minutes of down time and a major urge to write about how awesome it is.

Stay here // The Colonial Inn is only 3 miles from the venue for the Gran Prix of Gloucester CX. The cyclocross race itself is certainly worth making the trip, and since it’s the tail end of the summer season, you can enjoy Gloucester at its finest—with summer just ending but the leaves starting to change—while surrounded by the best people in the world: cyclocrossers. Not that I’m biased. It’s just fact. And The Colonial Inn is charming, but with all the amenities you could possibly need, and the owners are just amazing. Bonus: breakfast croissants. And for frequent travelers, each room has a good sized fridge, which is freaking super.

Do this // I ran the mile and a half from the hotel this morning to Treetop Yoga for a Heated Flow class at 7:30 AM. I really recommend this place. If you’re around for a bit, sign up for the $25 unlimited classes for 1 week for new students, or just stick with the $15 drop in. If you’re like me and used to city prices, $15 is a huge bargain for a really good class. What I really loved was that the teacher didn’t shy away from some of the trickier stuff and balance poses. So many classes are really cut and dry, but this was definitely a bit more advanced—if you wanted it to be. It was definitely what I needed after a couple days in cars. We got out on a sunset harbor run last night so I could stretch my legs, and that plus the short run to and from class this morning were just done with a huge grin on my face. The weather is perfect, the views are amazing, and the air smells salty. I am a happy camper.


Watch this // The cyclocross race, of course! Stage Fort Park, right on the water, Saturday and Sunday. I’m pretty excited to be back this year and helping Jeremy Powers, while Peter helps me and a few of his clients. *Warning, this is about to get girly.* The best part about this race for me (and hopefully him), though, is that this race is where we had our first date two years ago. Those of you who know me know that Peter and I met in China, but only for a couple minutes. It wasn’t until a few days later that we got in touch and made plans to get coffee on this race weekend. Who would have thought?


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