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#WhereInTheWorld // Frenchtown, New Jersey for Riding and Coffee

November 16, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Frenchtown, New Jersey for Riding and Coffee

I’ve been home for a week and when I’m gone, I tend to forget how much I love being here and just how amazing the area my parents live in is. I don’t often get to take advantage of being home, because I’m usually crazy busy, but an unexpected plan change meant that I have a bit more time to enjoy being here. And so, I am!

There’s great riding pretty much anywhere in Hunterdon County, and Frenchtown is a great starting point. The towpath is perfect for casual rides and runs (Peter and I did a couple of longer runs while he was here), and the town is a great starting point for a few hours worth of riding on gorgeous rolling hills. My friend and colleague Leah and I went out on an exploratory ride over the weekend and ended up hitting some ATV trails in order to get around a bridge that was out of order. So good!



For coffee, baked goods, and ultra-hip coffee gear without a condescending vibe, check out Early Bird Espresso and Mercantile (And check out the shop next door, Modern Love, for amazing little knickknacks, jewelry and pretty much every present that you could possibly need to buy someone. Leah and I almost automatically walked in after a ride when we were just trying to grab coffee.)

If you’re looking for great Mexican food (and I always am), check out The Blue Tortilla Restaurant on the main drag. New Hope is a super quaint, fun little town, and this is one of the real gems that doesn’t totally break the bank. The chips are great—especially with their red salsa with smoked chipotle—and the enchiladas are delicious. Bonus: it’s BYO so you can save $$$ by bringing your own margaritas, wine or beer. For excellent vintage and funky shopping, check out Thirteen while you’re in New Hope for funky clothes, soft band tshirts, and crazy-cool jewelry and shoes.


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