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#WhereInTheWorld // Collingwood, Ontario

August 25, 2015

#WhereInTheWorld // Collingwood, Ontario

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that even the place you spend the most time in has new and exciting stuff to do. So, for this #WhereInTheWorld, we’re actually back in Collingwood in Peter’s condo for a few days, but that still meant some amazing adventures.

The biggest one—in addition to some great catchups with friends and family with BBQ heavily featured on the menu—was this run/hike I did a couple days ago along the Bruce Trail (Canada’s oldest and longest marked footpath that has almost 900km of trail!) in town. It’s along the Niagara Escarpment, so there is a TON of climbing in this area. I did about 25 km in total, some of it fairly slow because I got lost a couple of times, stopped for pictures, and hiked the hills to save my legs a bit (I hadn’t done a run more than 90 minutes in a few months). I had Peter drop me at Osler ski resort and headed up the mountain, then hopped onto the trail and ran from there to the Highlands XC Skiing center where Peter had parked the car while he did some MTB sessions with clients. Of course, when I got there after about three hours of running, I didn’t wait for him to finish the session (that would have meant sitting around for two hours!)… I was prepared with my wonderful Moots in his car, so I made a costume change and rolled the 30 minutes back to the condo. Then, I ate everything.

You can check out the Strava for the run here, or just enjoy this shot from the top:


I’ll be doing it again, but a longer route, this coming Sunday and I’m already excited!

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