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#WhereInTheWorld /// Collingwood, Ontario for Coffee, Sandwiches and Mountain Biking

June 7, 2016

#WhereInTheWorld /// Collingwood, Ontario for Coffee, Sandwiches and Mountain Biking


We’re back in Ontario and I’ve finally had a week to settle in to living in one spot (for a few weeks, anyway), but it’s been so long since I’ve been here that it feels new again. I’ve gotten to explore some new-ish trails, and our good friends just opened an amazing little market a few miles outside of town in Singhampton—and it’s a perfect stopping point for cyclists.

Ride // Three Stage Trail System

I ran into a woman on the trails this weekend, and she said she’d been hearing about how great Collingwood was for riding for years. She’s not wrong. If you’re into technical, rocky, root-y mountain biking, check out Three Stage. There are so many different trails to choose from, and it’s both easy to get lost and easy to find a road, so it’s not too terrifying to ride in there alone without a plan. (One sidenote: you will want to bring bug spray. It is intense in there.)


Eat // Scotch Hollow Market behind Mylar and Loretta’s in Singhampton


My ridiculously talented and productive friend Kate had a baby last week and seven days later, re-opened their new Scotch Hollow Market, serving sandwiches, pastries, coffee and their own farm-fresh pork. I have no idea how she managed to put it all together (and open it while pregnant!) but it’s amazing. I spent a few hours in there on Saturday and a dozen or so cyclists popped in over the course of the day, and I expect it to get even busier now that the weather is getting better. Summer in Collingwood just got even cooler!


So this is the next six weeks for me, and I could not be happier. If you’re a cyclist, especially in New England or Southern Ontario looking for an easy weekend getaway, the town of Collingwood is a great spot. Tons of shopping, eating, fabulous spas and holistic practitioners for those who dig massages, riding—the road riding is amazing, there’s the mountain biking I mentioned, and we even have a downhill park!—and a bunch of other activities (SUPing, there’s a beach 20 minutes away, every watersport you can imagine, tons of gyms, rock climbing at Metcalfe, and a million great hiking and running spots).

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