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#WhereInTheWorld // Brussels Winter Wonderland Market in Belgium

December 24, 2016

#WhereInTheWorld // Brussels Winter Wonderland Market in Belgium


It’s Christmas Eve, so let’s talk about how European towns absolutely crush Christmas markets! We’re in Sittard in The Netherlands for the holiday itself, but a couple weeks ago, we found ourselves in downtown Brussels for the opening weekend of their Winter Wonderland market that happens from late November until the first of January.


The town lights up, and there are tons of stalls for pretty much any kind of food and drink that you could imagine—and I quickly learned that the mulled wine is lethal (and delicious!).

The can’t-miss highlight is the Grand-Place: at first, we just thought this lighting display was gorgeous, so serene and just beautiful, and we stood around admiring the architecture:


Then, everything went dark, and music starting pulsing. And this happened:

If you’re in Belgium for the holiday, absolutely try to make it into downtown Brussels. You won’t be disappointed!

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