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#WhereInTheWorld // Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November 27, 2016

#WhereInTheWorld // Amsterdam, The Netherlands


We had a whirlwind tour of Amsterdam last week, thanks to a quick visit to the SRAM HQ in The Netherlands with the Aspire Racing team—and since it’s only a 45 minute train ride from the city, we figured we should make a quick stop. It was—as it often is in this area—raining when we got there, but the first thing you notice is that regardless of the rain, there are still bikes everywhere.


Seriously, the amount of bike lanes, bike shops, bike racks, and taxi drivers who actually seem to like and respect cyclists was mind-boggling. Added to that, you have high-fashion women hunched over burly commuters taking advantage of a tailwind and getting aero, and you’re in my kind of city. We meandered around De Pijp neighborhood for a bit, but sadly missed out on some of the markets since we were there pretty late. But, thanks to the beauty of Yelp, we quickly piled into an Uber and headed for FoodHallen, a former train station reinvented into shops, cinemas, and a food-truck-esque cafeteria where you could get all kinds of funky fusion dishes.


I ended up with carnitas tacos, Belgian fries, probiotic pickles and fried brussel sprouts, and—of course—a waffle with Nutella for dessert. It was pretty rad—lots of exposed wood and metalwork, and cafeteria-style seating so we could spread out, gather what we wanted to eat, and then all come back and share (or not share) at a table together. Tons of great booze options as well, from martinis to wine to (again, of course) beer.


Wandering around afterwards, there was a bike shop front and center, just across from the entryway and near the cinema that’s also housed in the massive Hall. It’s definitely on my list of places to go back to and explore in much, much greater detail!


Visit FoodHallen here!




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