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Where in the World // Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore

October 9, 2016

Where in the World // Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore


Mount Vernon Marketplace was a bit of an accidental find for the Aspire Racing crew this weekend, after Jeremy searched for Korean and found Brown Rice, which turned out to be a stall in a larger building that was basically a much cooler, hipper version of the food court at the mall that you undoubtedly hung out in as a teenager. But instead of McDonalds or Arby’s, there were artisan-crafted burgers and poutine, kombucha and cold brew on taps, funky local wines and beers, juice bars, salads, and, of course, the aforementioned Korean food. And that’s ignoring the bakery with the insane cookies.img_9645

It’s easily one of the coolest spots for food—and one of the chillest eating and people-watching environments!


Give it a look if you’re in Baltimore, know you want to eat, and just can’t decide what you’re in the mood for: something will catch your eye. (It would definitely be a great date spot, since it’s low-key but really nifty, and it’s a great spot for a group!)

Mount Vernon Marketplace

520 Park Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202

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