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Where in the World // Iowa City at The Bluebird Diner

September 26, 2016

Where in the World // Iowa City at The Bluebird Diner


Another quickie Where in the World post at the end of an insane week of race managing, Interbiking, and general insanity. Still not caught up on sleep or home yet, but we’re finally in the last leg and close to being able to sleep for a solid 12 hours…

Anyway, if you’re in Iowa City, check out the downtown. Super walk-able, super fun, and crazy on Friday and Saturday nights with college students hitting the bars. But for me, I’m all about the breakfast foods. Bluebird Diner was excellent for a Jersey-style breakfast in an unfamiliar place! Veggie omelette was excellent, but the pancakes actually looked the best, if I’m being honest. Still kind of regretting that decision. Next time!

Also great: El Patrone for easy/fast Mexican, cool atmosphere and (the important thing!) $4 margaritas. Highly recommend.

And anyone who read my post about how I was super stoked about the Rapha Breton Merino sweater? Still love it. Despite pretty different personal styles, Ellen Noble—who crushed it at the races this week—and I accidentally twinned in our sweaters and Lululemon leggings this morning.


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  1. The team is really in sync this year!

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