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Where in the World // Gloucester, MA for Trail Running

October 17, 2016

Where in the World // Gloucester, MA for Trail Running


Gloucester, Massachusetts—the tiny town by the water—has a special place in our hearts. It’s where Peter and I had our first coffee date three years ago, so it’s got a pretty big significance for us. If you’re in the area, though, the town is worth stopping for more than that emotional significance. You can meander down the main street and check out some of the amazing vintage shops, weird art galleries, and awesome coffee shops (like Lone Gull Coffeehouse). And if you go towards the water, the walk along the seawall is fantastic.


About 2 miles outside of town are the Dogtown Trails—brutal for mountain biking, but amazing (and super rocky) for trail running. I highly recommend taking a picture of the trail map at the start of the trails though, to avoid a getting-lost issue like we had this weekend…



Speaking of this weekend, if you’re thinking about Gloucester, you almost have to go the weekend of the Gran Prix of Gloucester in Stage Fort Park. Best cyclocross racing around, and the race is so iconic, the crowds are so stoked, and the beer tent is so… beery. It’s 110 eprcent worth putting on your cycling bucket list.


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