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Where did the time go?

July 29, 2011

Where did the time go?

Post-power test. Very, very tired.

I just looked at the last date of the last post, and today’s date, and actually yelped. “Yikes,” I said. This sounded sort of ridiculous, since I’m in my one-day-a-week office at one of my jobs. Luckily, I seem to be the only one on my floor not on vacation this week, so I don’t think I scared anyone.

But seriously. How is it possible that it’s almost August? Just yesterday I was out in LA! … Except, looking at a calendar, I realize that it was three weeks ago. Can’t blame jet lag forever, I suppose.

Anyway, things have been their usual mix of crazy/busy around here. If you read my Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo column, then you know why I’ve been too busy and/or tired to write. I’ve been beat by 8PM every night thanks to my awesome new Cycle-Smart coach, Shaun Adamson, who is working me through a few weeks of base training to get me ready for cyclocross season, which is rapidly approaching.

So, I’ve been riding a whole lot. Intervals, threshold, sprints, the whole nine yards. Then I come home, stretch, eat, and sleep. Occasionally, moments like this happen:

"Is it my turn?"

And those moments are followed by moments like this:

"I suppose it is."

Ahh, the perils of not having a hose at my apartment complex. But still, thankfully I’m small so my bike is small, making it the perfect fit for the shower.

It’s been excessively gnat-y out on the towpath, when it isn’t unbearably dry, but I will never complain about summer weather. Despite maybe not being the best racer in hot conditions, when I remember Nationals in Bend in December, I say bring on the heat wave!

Also, I bought myself a sweet kiddie pool. It was on sale and it was awesome.

I tried to trick my coach, Shaun, into letting me run by citing the training article I did on whether Running for Cyclocross Training made sense. I’ve been missing running ever since Adam (Shaun’s boss) banned me from running if I wanted to be a bike racer. As a triathlete, I miss running- it’s so easy! Just sneakers and you’re set. No checking tire pressure, putting on chamois cream, digging for a clean jersey, et cetera, et cetera. So I asked if I could run, knowing full well that for me, running to train for cyclocross is silly, since I already run well. When he answered back, “you did an Ironman, right? You can run already,” I knew this was one coach that won’t let me get away with stuff like that. Though I did stress that if he wanted to stop me from doing some barefoot beach running when I’m on family vacation at Virginia Beach in August, he would have to drive to VA and tackle me to stop me. I really really like beach running.

Anyway… I’ve been on track with most of my life goals at the moment, like eating healthy(er) than I was, and getting more writing done. I also have another new potential project, but more on that later.

So, as we head into August, hopefully I’ll be more on top of this blogging business. It’s going to be an intense month between moving out of my apartment within the next three weeks, then a mission to Cape Cod for Cyclocross Magazine followed by the Cycle-Smart clinic followed immediately by a week at the beach with my family. All of this will be awesome, and I can’t wait to post tons of pictures and most likely hilarious/embarrassing stories. I should probably stop blogging and go outside and practice some barriers now, so as to not make a complete fool of myself in a few weeks.

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