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What’s In Her (Race and Workout) Bags: Nicole Loher, Badass Triathlete / Superwoman

July 24, 2019

What’s In Her (Race and Workout) Bags: Nicole Loher, Badass Triathlete / Superwoman

Nicole Loher is a triathlete, runner, digital strategist, creative, all-around badass living in Brooklyn, NY. I stumbled across her a couple years ago, immediately got her on The Consummate Athlete Podcast to talk all things healthy living, routine-building and racing seriously while working seriously, and it was one of my favorite episodes. She’s also my style spirit animal, wearing almost all black all the time (which you know I love) and staying seriously stylish while putting in big miles. So when I started the What’s In Her Bag series on here, she was one of my first calls. Luckily, she was game to share what’s in her race day bag for triathlon as well as what’s in her daily gym bag (and makeup kit!).


Race day bag

I love that Nicole keeps it super simple in her triathlon transition area (something I talked about a bunch in my top triathlon tips last week!)

• pre snacks – banana and dates
• goggles – 2 pairs, swim cap, body glide
• bike things: clips, helmet, saddle bag, endurance tap, bike pump, water bottle x2
• run: run sneakers, Bombay socks, race belt, sunglasses, visor, a million hairbands
• transition: snacks, water bottle
• post race clothes/flip flops, snack
• Tri suit
• 17 towels for transition area


Gym > work bag

• shoes (“I only wear Ultraboost Sneakers for running and have for the last four years. I don’t know that I’ll ever go back. Their original sole felt like running on clouds. They’ve recently updated to sole so it’s less cushion but still amazing for runners like me who are either flat footed and pronate inward as a result.”)
• work clothes (“Adidas also just launched their PrimeKnit collection – it’s AMAZING. I love super soft, high-waisted workout gear.”)
• makeup – face wipes (see below for full list)
• water bottle
• air pods
• dry shampoo
• breakfast, lunch, snacks
• jumprope
• spin shoes if I’m spinning


Makeup bag

“I try to keep things simple and focus on great skincare at home so I don’t need much makeup.” (<– the best advice. Also, I have to admit, I love most of Nicole’s picks here—they’re things I’ve used or currently use, so I was stoked!)


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