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What Pro Cyclocrossers Eat for Breakfast

October 4, 2018

What Pro Cyclocrossers Eat for Breakfast

OK, favorite topic alert: what pro cyclocross racers eat for breakfast might have been one of the most fun articles I’ve written in a long time. Partially because talking to pro cyclocross racers = talking to some of my favorite humans/best friends. But also because the answers are so varied and interesting, and over the years, I’ve gotten to see what a bunch of them have shifted to and from. Living in Europe for so much time with Ellen Noble last year, for example, I got to watch the evolution of how much she was eating in the morning on race days, what she opted for pre-race, and where she eventually settled. (Gluten-free waffles, and she has reasons. Eggs are also involved.) If you race ‘cross, you know that breakfast is kind of a minefield, especially if you race late morning/early afternoon. So to get some gourmet but still racer-oriented ideas, you’re going to want to check out this article I put together over on Outside mag.

Click to read: What Pro Cyclocrossers Eat for Breakfast

What Pro Cyclocrossers Eat for Breakfast


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