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What Milk Alternative (or Milk) Should You Try?

November 6, 2019

What Milk Alternative (or Milk) Should You Try?

Over on Outside, I did a pretty fun investigation into all things milk-related. And I very quickly realized something I’d never noticed before: Milk alternatives are NOT created equal. Some are packed with fat, some are super sugary or carb-laden, some are jammed with sneaky preservatives while some are supplemented with protein. I had thought soy, almond, oat, pea, whatever were all sort of similar in construct but holy crap, there’s a big difference. And none are bad, per se—it’s more about what you want to get out of your milk. Are you trying to go light on calories, or do you need more protein? This article is honestly super enlightening, even if you’re not into milk alternatives for dietary reasons. Give it a read and let me know your favorite milk option!

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