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What is Sweet Spot Training (and Should You Be Doing It?)

April 8, 2018

What is Sweet Spot Training (and Should You Be Doing It?)

I’ve known cycling coach Frank Overton for a long time—I’d heard a ton about him as an awesome coach, and I’ve seen him race cyclocross on a few occasions, and everything I heard and saw just convinced me he was a real-deal cycling coach who actually knows what he’s doing… And he’s willing to change his mind on things, be open to new ideas, and most important to me, considers lifestyle outside of your couple training hours just as important as time on the bike. So last week, he came on the Consummate Athlete Podcast to us to talk all things sweet spot, motor pacing and the importance of lifestyle factors like nutrition and sleep for masters athletes.

We talked a ton about his most well-known concept, ‘sweet spot training,’ which is that—duh—sweet spot that you can go hard in, but hold for a really long time. Who is it right for, are you actually doing it, and if so, how can you make it work better for you? We also talk about fatigue dependent training plan design, polarized training, race-specific training, Monk Mode, nutrition & lifestyle, using the WHOOP like a power meter for your Recovery, motorpacing and how FasCat got its name.

Click to Listen: Sweet Spot, And Beyond Sweet Spot with Frank Overton





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