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What Fitness Trends Should You Definitely Skip?

September 27, 2018

What Fitness Trends Should You Definitely Skip?

Writing about fitness is kind of a brutal job, because you run a fine line between picking up on current trends and being on top of that stuff, and also wanting to avoid promoting dumb $hit. That’s why I really liked writing this piece on Fitness Trends to Skip for Nylon. For those who spend a lot of time in the fitness world, most of these aren’t really surprising… Ahem, keto won’t cure all of your problems, and going hard ALL THE TIME is not a good thing. But for people newer to fitness, or who are constantly trying to find the next thing to try — early adapters, if you will — this stuff can be confusing or freaky. So, let’s investigate a few of the big ones that grind the gears of people who spend their lives researching and teaching this stuff!

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Fitness Trends You Should SKIP

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