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What Does a $37 Skinsuit Look Like? It’s … Interesting.

February 6, 2020

What Does a $37 Skinsuit Look Like? It’s … Interesting.

This was one of the silliest articles I’ve gotten to write in a long time over on Bicycling’s website—what a $37 skinsuit off of Amazon looks and feels like. Hint: It’s not great. Why did I write this, other than to get a laugh? Honestly, it’s because a) I think a lot of people end up buying cheap jerseys and shorts and skinsuits on Amazon thinking that they can’t be *too* different from a fancier brand, and waste money in the process—and riding in this skinsuit was not exactly making me love the bike! And b) a lot of brands don’t make unbranded skinsuits in general, and none for women, and I kind of wanted to highlight what the options end up being. So hopefully this story inspires you to buy kit that will fit well and last a long time (and has a good return policy!), and I hope it made a few brands think about putting a plain skinsuit in their lineup.

Click to read: I Bought a $37 Skinsuit on Amazon and Here’s What Happened



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