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Watch Your Water Bottles: A Cyclist Traveler PSA

June 15, 2017

Watch Your Water Bottles: A Cyclist Traveler PSA

I wrote earlier this year about how I was swapping out my water bottle and coffee-buying habit at the airport for a Nalgene and a completely sealed thermos, but it’s time for a refresher as to why I fixated on that swap… Peter recently learned the hard way why the swap from bike-friendly water bottles to fully sealed Nalgenes (or similar) is key to happy travels.

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His laptop fell victim to the cycling water bottle-in-backpack issue yesterday. The bottle was closed, but you guys know as well as I do that even the best cycling water bottles can unseal just a teensy bit, and that insidious few drops of water can do serious damage to your electronics, papers, and general sanctity of your backpack.

And sure, backpacks are mostly upright… Until they lean over while you’re driving, and you don’t notice until it’s too late.

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Basically, this seems really obvious, but it’s something I know I still do after seemingly learning my lesson. So, it bears repeating. If you’re a bike commuter, a frequent flyer, or spend most of your life on the road, I know it’s a pain to swap water bottle from activity to activity. But for the sake of your computer, do yourself a favor and make the switch to fully sealed containers for every day life, and keep the bike bottles where they belong: on the bike.

Side note: I’ve also been told by a couple of dentists that the frequent act of tugging a bottle open with your teeth is, unsurprisingly, not great for your teeth. So maybe save it for during your workouts.

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  1. Benzo

    Bottles leaking, opening, etc... This is why I almost always use my commuter backpack with bottle holders on the outside. My laptop and change of clothes stay dry and happy, and if my beverage container leaks, then it's staying on the outside.Though, I've had some fun experiences with coffee mugs that have toggle lids, and leaning over to tie my shoe laces and feeling hot coffee drop down my side. I now prefer my mug that has a button you have to hold to dispense liquid. No hot surprise with that mug.

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