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Ultra-Trail Running with Sarah Cotton on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

April 21, 2018

Ultra-Trail Running with Sarah Cotton on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

Sarah Cotton is one of the coolest ultra trail runners I’ve ever gotten to chat with—then again, that’s no shock considering I’ve never met one who wasn’t super rad. She’s not just a racer, she’s also a photographer (so you probably should follow her on Instagram) and I am admittedly crazy jealous of her rad lifestyle. Which, I have to admit is probably not so different from mine if I really think about it, she just runs a lot more and is a whole lot faster. But we both spend a ton of time outside working on our own sport, then capturing different sports in different ways, her with a camera and me with a keyboard or a mic! We dove into a ton of training-specific intel about how she structures her training weeks and how she handles the demands of different trail terrains (including a bunch about downhill running, which I later stole a tip from for an article!) We talk weights, diet, and tons of other fun racing tips as well, so if you’re at all ultra, or trail, running – curious, or you’ve already gotten into the ultra-game and want to step up your performance, you’re going to want to listen! (And if you like it, do me a huge favor and subscribe/rate/review—you can do it from your desktop and it takes 2 seconds!)

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