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Trends on Trial: Spring Into Summer

June 4, 2012

Trends on Trial: Spring Into Summer

With the seasons changing, reverting, changing again, and so on, it’s hard to know what to wear any given day. So today, we’re looking at a few of our favorite trends that are appropriate for the shifting nature of the weather, and of course, the key word is: layer.

Your Spring into Summer Staples:

Maxi Dresses: So comfy you won’t understand why people keep complimenting you for being dressed up! Cool enough to survive even the hottest of days, they’re also (duh) long, so when the temperatures unexpectedly drop, they’ll still keep you warmer than that micro-mini you’ve been saving for the middle of July. Bonus: if you add a chunky tight or legging under for added warmth, no one needs to know!

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