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travelSingle Serving Sports Detergent from Go Soap!: I’m working on a review for sports detergent for Cyclocross Magazine, and brands have been sending me samples. I have bottles too, but what I’m really loving for life on the road is these single serve packets from Go Soap. No chance of spills, no chance I forget the bottle, just sports wash when I need it. So into it!

Ortlieb Velocity Messenger Bag: Waterproof, hold everything, and comes ride-ready! It may not have a ton of pockets to organize stuff, but it’ll be coming with me everywhere from now on, considering how easy it made running errands in the rain today!

f052f3f841a911e3aeb222000a1f9e7e_6Flu Shot: Last year, I skipped getting a flu shot because I “didn’t have time.” Then, I got the flu. The first day of Nationals. There went my race, and work got a whole lot harder. I spent the week in absolute misery trying to work, and a solid week after that just crashed on the couch. This year, I took the 10 minutes to walk into a pharmacy and just get it. Most insurances cover it, and sure, I admit I’m a little ache-y from it today but you know what? Better some aches now than being wrecked right when I need to be on top of everything. I highly recommend this for anyone who travels a lot since we’re exposed to so many germs, and our systems are so constantly stressed.

See the rest of my favorite things for living life on the road and staying reasonably pulled together.

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