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Transmissions from Trans-Sylvania (Epic): Day 4

May 28, 2014

Transmissions from Trans-Sylvania (Epic): Day 4


10354319_1410633789222529_93778609_nIt’s mid-race at this point, but it legitimately feels like we’ve been at camp for weeks. We’ve had amazing weather and insane thunderstorms, I’ve managed to get some riding and swimming in, plus tons and tons of running. Yesterday was the Enduro stage, and I meant to go on a 30-45 minute run and ended up out for a solid two hours.

When I made it back to the race start, I went to whine to Dave P about how long I ran for (I got lost, I got stuck waiting and did extra loops, I had a whole lot of climbing to do). He looked at me and said, “But you got to play in the woods for two hours.”

It’s amazing how rephrasing something can completely change your outlook on something. I went from feeling completely cracked and tired to just being psyched that I got to play all morning. What an awesome feeling!

Every night is something new and hilarious in the mess hall. Personal favorite thus far:


So, there might be bears. Thus far, I haven’t encountered any, but I have admittedly been terrified as I walk to my tent at night—mainly from watching a special on “zombie cats” on Animal Planet recently though. (Also, if you like poetry even a teensy bit, read this one by Tony Hoagland RE bears.)

I’ll leave you with this, because it is both awesome and extremely true.


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