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Transmissions from Trans-Sylvania (Epic): Day 1

May 24, 2014

Transmissions from Trans-Sylvania (Epic): Day 1


Summer camp for mountain bikers? It started as a bit of a joke-y phrase, but at Trans-Sylvania Epic, that truly is the feel. And not even a grown-up version. We’re talking splash fights in the pool and ice cream and slideshows after dinner in the mess hall. If you told me it was going to end with a talent show next weekend, I would believe it. I actually assume that I’m in the set of Dirty Dancing, so if you see me doing this, you know why.

Heading out to TSE is always an adventure. Last year, this race was my first “truck camping” experience, but this year, we’re higher on the food chain, with stuff in the rustic lodge and this excellent tent set-up (complete with mattresses) for sleeping.

I got in late last night and ended up terrifying myself by being alone in the rustic lodge while everyone else was out to dinner, which I missed thanks to traffic. Between wind scraping against the windows and the door blowing open randomly, holy crap, it was terrifying.

But in the light of day, camp is as gorgeous as I remembered. Once I got the turducken-style tent (see above) set up, dragged mattresses in, set up chairs and a hammock and took over another tent as a bike shed, plus food and “office” setup in the lodge, I was in business for a highly productive but comfy week.

As always, the media circus is … well, circus-like, as we try to organize ourselves around the best race coverage while balancing our day jobs, and figure out how to best spend our time during the week. For me, that hopefully will mean a good amount of offline time to get writing done for a bunch of projects and edits done on the current CXM issue, plus some swimming (with wetsuit) in the excellent pool while everyone else is out suffering riding in the heat. Add some runs and rides, and it’s actually just like summer camp.

Complete with the Girl Scout camp flashbacks: Being a socially awkward, shy kid hiding in corners to read while everyone else played (I really, really like reading), falling off the top bunk during the night (I slept through it), and of course, that awesome camp food and moderately disgusting lake swimming.

OK, so I wasn’t a good Girl Scout camper. But now, I am psyched.

So, here’s to a fun week! Stay tuned for more photos/adventures.


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