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Top 10 Reasons My Dad Rules

June 21, 2011

Top 10 Reasons My Dad Rules

If you know me at all, you know I talk about my dad. A lot. And I can’t help it- the guy is my best friend! He’s the one responsible for getting me into cycling and triathlon in the first place, and since I’ve been into the sports, he’s accumulated a ‘cross bike for himself, a road bike that was for me, finally a road bike for him, and his mountain bike gets a lot of mileage when i’m prepping for a long race like Ironman, since he rides next to me when I run. The man is awesome.

So, for Father’s Day, I want everyone to get a chance to experience the hilarity and amazing-ness that is my dad:
(That is, of course, if you haven’t already read my Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo column for Father’s Day, which chronicles a few of the ways he helped me get to where I am now.)

  1. The man drove to Kentucky with me for Ironman. As if that wasn’t enough, he also brought his bike so he could bike the run course and yell at me at strategic locations.
  2. He may be a Clydesdale, but it took me three years to finally learn to descend faster than him. For a big dude, he moves fast! He can also keep up with me on a flat ride, and will attempt to do so, at great personal risk, on a hilly ride as well.
  3. He calls to tell me to read comics, and then describes them in great detail over the phone:
  4. He did his first ‘cross race last fall rocking bib shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.
  5. He bought a 48 cm road bike “for himself” so I had something to race on.
  6. He can talk about wheels, cables, bikes, training, whatever… for hours. This is a man known for being super quiet and reserved, but when he gets going on my cycling life, he can go for hours.
  7. He let a horde of pro cyclists crash at my house for a week. And was super excited about it. And barbequed for them. And thawed an entire ham so they had sandwiches for days.
  8. He’s the only person I know who can put up with me in an over-caffeinated “get things done” mood, even when that mood includes completely rearranging our entire house and clearing out the garage so I can make a workout room.
  9. He owns a surfboard. And has no fear of putting a wetsuit on over a Speedo on a public beach. When I sliced my head open with my own board on a poorly surfed wave, he sacrificed his prized Jimmy Buffet tshirt to stop the bleeding.
  10. One of the only times I’ve seen him cry was when I got him a signed/personalized picture of Jimmy Buffet for his birthday.

The man is unstoppable. And I am so very grateful that he’s my dad, and that he’s such a huge part of my life.

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  1. nice story, daughters have a magical way of getting dads to do things.Karl

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