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Just Get Through January 17, NYR Quitters Day: Hang On to That Resolution!!

January 16, 2019

Just Get Through January 17, NYR Quitters Day: Hang On to That Resolution!!

OK, so according to Strava, tomorrow, January 17 is “Quitters’ Day,” or the day that Americans are most likely to give up on their New Year’s fitness resolutions.


I just wanted to jump in here with a bit of a pick-me-up for anyone thinking about opting out of those baller resolutions that you set on 12/31. So, a few reminders:

Strava’s 2018 Year in Sport report was created from a pool of nearly 685 million global activities — 108,286,060 of which were based in the U.S…. From that, Strava has a few stat-based recommendations, which may help keep you on track as well:

  • Set a Goal: 94% of athletes who set goals remain active nine months later. (More on goal-setting and resolutions here)
  • Join a Club: Being social leads to significant increase in overall activity. Athletes who join a club are three times more active than non-club members.
  • Vary Your Workouts: Activity uploads more than double when athletes change their workouts. To become more active, don’t simply do more of the same activity; discover another activity type and start varying your workout routine. (… Maybe it’s time to sign up for a triathlon?)
  • Incorporate Indoor Activities: Athletes who shared indoor activities to Strava uploaded 323% more total activities in the past year versus athletes who only uploaded run or ride activities. (Like this Anywhere Strength workout!)
  • Don’t work out alone: When athletes exercise in groups, they tend to go 21% further and those workouts last 10% longer. (How to find your crew here)

Do any of those ring particularly true for you? I know for me, I’m not a huge fan of indoor workouts, but I also realize that a lot of the time, that’s the only type of workout that’s going to happen, so I’ve come around on them over the years.




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