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“This is Totally Going in My Blog”: Adventures in Rochester, NY

October 27, 2013

“This is Totally Going in My Blog”: Adventures in Rochester, NY

image_4Last weekend, we headed to Rochester, New York, for Ellison Park Cyclocross. As you can see above, the disc golf course was closed, but the cyclocrossers were pretty stoked on the course: greasy, climb-heavy, and wicked hard. I had an amazing weekend of hanging out with some great people, especially some of the great racers I met in China, and some good race results.

Personal favorite picture from the week? Five points if you can spot the funniest part of this picture:


My other favorite race picture was actually this post-race picture of Zach McDonald and Raphael Gagne comparing notes on the course. That’s what’s so great about cyclocross racers—regardless of what team you’re on or how hard you work to beat each other during the race, you can still chat afterward.


The next day, Jake Wells and I (after having waved goodbye to Peter Glassford, who had to head home to Canada) headed out on a ride near our friend Ryan’s place. Amazing trails! We explored all of them and I got to try to hang on Jake’s wheel (typically unsuccessfully) while he rode around and hopped logs like they were nothing. And he and Peter (who had ridden the trails with me on Friday) both love skidding—to the point where I realized I was starting to try to do it (less successfully) just because I was seeing them do it constantly.

image_3Jake and I also took a quick detour to the Great Lake near the house (couldn’t quite see Canada, but it was out there!)


The water was super clear and it made me want to jump in for a swim, despite the incredibly chilly temperatures.

image_1Oh yeah — this was the housepet of the week! Meet Tasha, one of the sweetest huskies I’ve ever met.

image_7  And lastly…

photoThat’s it for this adventure! Now, I’m back in Western Massachusetts for a couple weeks after of a stopover in Westchester, New York, where I ended up nannying for a couple of days, and then a whole 36 hours at home in New Jersey. Why home? Because it is sweater season and I need to trade out my late September wardrobe for some warmer kit for Massachusetts in November!

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