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The Saddle, Sore (Comedy) Tour Commences

May 9, 2014

The Saddle, Sore (Comedy) Tour Commences

Starting in Barrie, Ontario. Courtesy of Meagan Broughton
Starting in Barrie, Ontario. Courtesy of Meagan Broughton

On Tuesday, I did something that I never in a million years expected to do: I stood in front of a group of women, and talked about vaginas. And you know what? It was awkward as hell. But a soon as I started (“So, I wrote a book about that thing we’re not supposed to/mention, especially not to guys we’re riding with. Hell, I was awkward writing it, and talking about it is still hard! We’re talking about lady parts.”), I got laughs. And a whole lot of head nodding. Turns out, this is a topic that women, from beginners to pros, are dying to talk about, but haven’t known how to start the conversation.

The Trek Women in Toronto are an awesome group of incredibly talented ladies, and were kind enough to invite me to their wine and cheese night to say a few words about Saddle, Sore. I was fully expecting to be hiding in a corner before awkwardly saying a word or two, but the second I walked in the door, women started coming up to me to ask for advice and share their experiences.

It was fantastic.

From talking about more in-depth medical issues like how hormone levels and periods effect training to simple beginner questions about underwear (and why it shouldn’t be worn under shorts even if it is comfortable!), there was a wide spectrum of topics that had just never been discussed before.

It’s—and this is cheesy—a privilege to be able to be doing this, to be helping in my own strange little way. If I can make riding a bike more comfortable for even one woman (and the book truly has done just that!), then it’s worth all of the work that has gone into this project so far.

In that vein, I’m psyched to announce that I just came out with a mini-version of the book for junior racers, so if you know of any young women in cycling that may not have a resource for questions about saddle sores, period issues, and just some general “lady part comfort,” send them to saddlesorewomen.com to download the freebie PDF!

I’m not a medical professional, and I don’t claim to have this expertise… but what I do have is a whole lot of research and a wide network of people who are experts. I can bring their thoughts together, make them easy to understand without being pandering, and I can collect them all in one place. And that’s a pretty awesome job to be tasked with.

And so, the Saddle, Sore Comedy Tour, as I’m now calling it, has kicked off. Currently, the next stop is DC in June, and by then, print copies will be available and in hand!

Want me to come help host a women’s event in your shop? Drop me a line!

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