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The Right Way to Warm Up and Cool Down

December 12, 2019

The Right Way to Warm Up and Cool Down

Raise your hand if you don’t take time to warm up or cool down in your workouts. Now, raise your hand if you don’t do any ‘prehab,’ i.e active stretching pre-workout, or stretching or foam rolling post-workout. (Be honest.) For me, having my knee get wonky last year really underscored the importance of this stuff, and now every workout I do has activations at the beginning (or at least earlier in the day!) plus a walk or easy spin to warm up, and I actually take a minute to walk to cool down at the end of a workout as well. I could definitely improve on foam rolling post-workout, but I’m getting better! And over on Rally’s website, I talked to the Rally UHC team about how they handle warm ups and cool downs for success on the bike!

Click to read: The Right Way to Warm Up and Cool Down
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