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The Post-Workout Recovery You’re Not Doing

April 15, 2018

The Post-Workout Recovery You’re Not Doing

Over on Nylon, we decided it was time to start talking about not just how to get in an awesome workout, whether you’re into running, riding, yoga-ing, SUPing, CrossFit-ing (all topics I’ve written about for them)… We realized we needed to talk more about the post-workout recovery aspect. So many people I know who AREN’T pro racers (myself included in this!) have this notion that when a workout is over, you’re done for the day. Especially when you’re not a pro racer and frankly, you’re a freaking busy person. But most post-workout recovery can be done pretty quickly, or at least, can be done while binge-watching a show on Netflix after the workout is over. I know most of this will be obvious to a lot of you who follow along with this blog, but honestly, writing it was a great refresher for me and a good reminder that just because I know something is good for me, I’m not always actually taking the time to make it happen. So, get educated, or re-educated!

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