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The Metrics That Boost Your Running

April 24, 2018

The Metrics That Boost Your Running

I love when I talk to super geeky people about all things fitness-related… and they give me reasonable, practical advice that can apply to everyone, not just (in this case) runners with access to crazy, expensive tech. So when I talked to Jeff Knight, one of the lead exercise scientists with Under Armour, about metrics that runners can benefit from, I was sooooo pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t talking about things like DEXA scans or even super labor intensive things like measuring grams of food. He has a ton of practical advice for what really does matter to runners and how to tell that your running is heading in the right direction (pardon the pun). A couple were obvious, but a few were things I hadn’t thought of (no spoilers, you’ll have to click to read the full article over on MapMyRun.) Oh, and PS: full podcast with Jeff is coming out soon talking about even more rad running stuff. I am STOKED!

Click to read: The Metrics That Boost Your Running 

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