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The Eye of the Storm

April 23, 2015

The Eye of the Storm

on the road again

I was going to title this post ‘the calm before the storm,’ but I realized how completely inaccurate that title would be. I feel like I’m always saying that I’m in the calm before the storm, and in reality, I suppose I’m just occasionally in the eye of it. But this is one of the weeks where I take a deep breathe as I start packing, trying to get everything in my drawers organized. This weekend, summer starts.

Well, not literally. This is Canada that I’m talking about, so it’s still really freaking cold most days. But for all intents and purposes, for Peter and I, this weekend marks the start of a pretty jam-packed summer that I’m ludicrously stoked about. Paris to Ancaster is the first race on both of our calendars, and despite only being a couple hours from home, it means three days away. Then, home for four, gone for three, home for a bit, gone again, repeat as necessary.

As I started writing this, I was thinking that things were about to get busy, but when I look back at my calendar, or even think back on my last couple of weeks (Monterey for Sea Otter for five days after being back in Ontario for six days after five days in New Jersey…), I realize that nothing has really changed.

(not our kitten.)

At Sea Otter, we joked that I need a map widget on this site that shows where in the world I am, because it’s hard for people to keep track. In my head, though, I’m not really traveling as much as I used to. But when I look at the calendar, I realize that I’m traveling more than ever… I’ve just adapted to the lifestyle. The only stormy days now are the travel ones, and even those aren’t as tough as they used to be. We’ve learned how to travel more efficiently, I can pack less stuff in less time, and trips under three days barely seem like trips at all.

This is how I prefer to live, and I’m amazed daily that it seems to be working out. Part of that is down to learning how to work as efficiently as possible while moving from place to place, another part is still wanting to be going from place to place, and yet another piece of it is having someone to travel with, who makes those places feel like home. I did a heck of a lot of solo traveling in the past few years, and I can safely say that while I loved every minute of that, it’s even better now that I have someone to share the fun—and the stresses that go along with it, of course. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine (there are plenty of rain and sunburn), but there’s something so appealing about open roads.

Summer is starting, and I’m pretty excited to see where this one leads.

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