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The Athlete’s Guide to Office Life

June 10, 2018

The Athlete’s Guide to Office Life

Even though I work from home—though I have worked in offices in the past!—I still struggle with the ‘staying healthy during long workdays at the office’ conundrum. And if I’m lucky that I have a fairly flexible schedule and still find myself struggling to avoid sitting too much, eating too much crappy food midday, drinking too much coffee and too little water and running low on motivation to sneak out for a run… Well, I remember when I was working at the office, and it was just as hard then. (Slightly different set of problems, but if you spend the day working at a computer, the issues are generally the same regardless of where you are! So when MapMyRun asked me to investigate, I sought out Brandon Olin, who’s been on The Consummate Athlete Podcast in the past to talk about office optimization, and asked a few of my desk-bound-but-hella-in-shape friends how they manage to stay healthy and active while working the 9  to 5 grind. They had some awesome advice—funny enough, for me one of the big changes I made was simply making sure I was staying more hydrated regularly. I tend to forget about sipping water when I’m chugging along on an article, but now that I’m thinking about it, I’m a lot more aware. (I’m a big believer that dehydration in-run can be mitigated greatly by starting your run at optimal hydration, and not enough of us do that!). Anyway, read all about it through the link below, and LMK if you have any other brilliant secrets to staying healthy at work!

Click to Read: The Athlete’s Guide to Office Life


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