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“The Art of Active Travel” is Now Available as an Ebook

August 20, 2019

“The Art of Active Travel” is Now Available as an Ebook

After all of our time on the road and in the air traveling for work and training (and a couple of vacations), I’ve put all of my best tips into one place—and added a bunch of new content in the last couple of months! You can now download all of my tips and tricks for active travel, from how to book on a budget, fly and stay healthy, workout on the road, survive #vanlife with a partner, eat clean(er) and carve out time for wellness along the way. The ebook is 40 pages of lessons learned the hard way by me so you don’t make the same mistakes!

It’s only $4.99 and snagging a copy helps keep this site up and running—and the same goes for any clothing purchased in The Outdoor Edit Store. New posts go up on this site almost daily and it’s a one-person operation with no ads running, so every little bit helps. If you’ve enjoyed my yoga videos, tips on eating healthy on the road, intel for new runners and triathletes, or advice for happy riding excerpted from my other book, Saddle, Sore, check out the store and consider supporting The Outdoor Edit.

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