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Meditation for People Who Hate to Meditate: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to meditation, I know it’s supposed to be amazing for you. But to be honest, I don’t have a brain that likes shutting off. I’m not good at it. And since I run and ride pretty much daily, I always figured that covered my meditative thinking. However, after a slightly annoying but

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Travel Tip: The Best Things I’ve Learned About Packing Carry-Ons

I just got through another Euro flight, and this time, I managed to not spill anything on my seat, and have everything I needed in my under-seat bag, plus a neatly packed carry-on. Since this month’s buzzword is travel, I figured this would shed some light on what I’ve learned about packing for the flight.  Make

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Big Scary Goals—And Why We Need Them

With the countdown until the New Year approaching way faster than I was ready for, I’m still writing about resolutions, and thinking about resolutions. Also, I’m apparently really into talking about fear this week. First, I was working on a draft was about doing things that scare us in order to improve and grow (stay tuned for

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9 Simple, Easy Ways To Pack Efficiently For Your Holiday Travels

Check out my latest article over at Literally, Darling on how to pack for holiday travel.          /// Order “Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy” today. PS: Are you subscribed to the newsletter? Click here to get occasional updates, great discounts and awesome advice!

A Quick Guide to Eating Healthy in a Hotel (on a Reasonable Budget)

Traveling over the holidays and know you’re going to be spending some time in a hotel? Staying healthy while on the road is a huge challenge, but eating definitely doesn’t have to be. After the last decade—and the last three years traveling with the healthiest husband/eater on the planet—I think we’ve managed to dial our hotel

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Surviving Your First #VanLife TripTogether

I wrote about surviving a cross country #VanLife drive with a significant other (or random accomplice) a few months ago, but what about #VanLife itself? We’ve finally kitted out our van and hit the road between cyclocross races, training and working the whole time. So, in our fairly compact Ford Transit Connect XLT, how have we

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How To Working Remote—While Adventuring

Obviously, we travel, a lot—and I hate to use the term, but I think we qualify as “digital nomads” at this point. We travel to the point where we don’t really have one place that we call home right now—unless you count our Ford Transit Connect (which technically now has a bed in it, so I suppose

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