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Your Tactical Guide to Trail Running

April 1, 2018

Your Tactical Guide to Trail Running

In recent years, I’ve been more and more into spending time out running on the trails rather than the road. It’s easier on my legs and feet, and I love that it’s a more full-body workout. I’ve always loved running trails though: it’s contemplative, meditative, and just a good freaking time. So as I’ve been doing a pretty deep dive into trail running for MapMyRun, it’s put me in touch with other trail runners who’ve been inspiring me to do more racing offroad than just Xterra triathlon… I’ll write more about it in a future post, but a 50K trail run is a serious possibility for me this August. Very exciting! But in the meantime, I’m just enjoying these tips (and putting them into practice!). I love when I get to talk to athletes who not only provide great advice, they also inspire me to crush serious miles.

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