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Swim, Bike, Run: Best Gear for Your First Triathlon

June 26, 2018

Swim, Bike, Run: Best Gear for Your First Triathlon

So over on Gear Junkie, they asked me to write about what gear you absolutely need for your first triathlon. And man, do I wish this was an article that I could have read 11 years ago… It was super fun thinking about exactly what gear I think is imperative to racing—and cutting out any of the extra crap that might be nice but will a) clog transition and b) cost money that you might not have. And trust me, if you’re new to triathlon, some of this stuff can be surprising/stuff you wouldn’t think of.

Case in point—Me at 20 in my first triathlon (note the elastic holding my number because I didn’t have a good number belt, and remember that this was Olympic distance and I raced sans chamois. Also trained without one, yikes):

And me at 30, our last Ironman (granted, different gear options since you can change between disciplines, but you get the idea in terms of “more dialed, more fit.”:


Anyway, if you have a race coming up, even if you’ve done a couple tris in the past, check this article out!

Swim, Bike, Run: Best Gear for Your First Triathlon


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