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How to Start Mountain Biking

March 18, 2018

How to Start Mountain Biking

Mountain bike season is almost here! (And if we would stop getting snow in Ontario, I’d already be out on the trails. Sigh…) If you’re new to the mountain biking scene, or are curious about getting offroad, I have an article over on Outside mag’s website that you’re going to want to read. It’s packed with tips from people A LOT better at MTB than I am (ahem, Catherine Pendrel) and we get into some tips for on the trail, as well as some ways to prep for success off the trail. (Catherine is heavy into core work, which you know I am psyched on!)

It was a super fun piece to write, and I’ll be spreading it around a ton in the next couple months as the crew here in Collingwood kicks off our Collingwood Off-Road Cycling Club in May! (Eek! I’m part of something regular and local! What is happening?!)

Click to read: How to Start Mountain Biking 

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