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Sometimes You Need a Detour: Georgia and Virginia

July 14, 2013

Sometimes You Need a Detour: Georgia and Virginia

DSC_0735It was. (Sorry, had to go all Ron Howard from Arrested Development there…)

IMG_0256It was pouring rain, so I thought there would be a lot of this on the porch of the cabin we managed to score (tent camping in the downpour would have sucked). We stayed at Mulberry Gap in northern Georgia near Ellijay. It was an amazing place. Seriously, the cabins were fantastic, the food was incredible, and it was such a fun weekend! Turns out, the trails are totally ride-able in the rain, since the mountain trails drain really well. So, we saddled up and headed out for two back-to-back days of three hour rides.

IMG_0325Of course, it wasn’t always perfect. We had some minor problems, like me crashing into a tree, and Alex having a massive leg cramp, but…

IMG_0293 copyFor the most part, we had a blast! Wes was an amazing guide, and he was nice enough to form a search party for us the ride we went on the first night we got there that should have taken an hour but took three instead. But the views were amazing, the climbing was spectacular, and the downhills were wicked fricking fast.

IMG_0352But still, we left a day early for sunny skies and outdoor camping in Virginia right on the Chesapeake Bay near Virginia Beach.

P1040173And speaking of beach, running on it felt amazing, and being in the sun was incredible!

P1040167I also got to try out my new hat that my sister got me for my birthday.

P1040164Enjoying my favorite blanket that my friend got for me in India a couple of years ago. It’s the perfect “car blanket” (meaning it’s always in the truck in case I need it)!

P1040169And lastly, read this great article in this month’s Marie Claire: The Single Girls Second Shift. It’s all about how single people in the workplace have different expectations placed on them than workers with wives/husbands and/or children. It just talks about how unfair it is that single people are expected to put in extra hours and overtime (usually unpaid) while colleagues with family commitments get to lead more normal lives, while single people often don’t get to leave work early for things like night classes, etc. It’s something I never thought much about, but it’s a really interesting concept, and the more I’ve talked to people about it, the more I’m hearing that it’s a big problem for a lot of people I know. Just food for thought.

Anyway, this weekend, despite the 30 hours of driving in four days and pouring rain for two days in Georgia, was the perfect trip, and exactly the adventure that I needed. Sometimes, you just need to run away for a day or two. (OK, I admit I still worked online for a few hours each day, but still. Had a blast.)

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