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Some New Year’s Resolutions Goal-Setting, Advice and Mistakes for Athletes Heading into 2019

December 31, 2018

Some New Year’s Resolutions Goal-Setting, Advice and Mistakes for Athletes Heading into 2019

Obviously, I am New Year’s Resolution-obsessed. That comes from my excessive joy from list-making, a love affair with self-improvement books that dates back to being 7 years old, and the intense desire to always have a new project/plan/goal on the horizon. I already talked about my one-word resolution for 2019, which is kind of my ‘blanket’ resolution that helps define all of my specific goals and plans. I’m sure at this point, most people are sick of reading about resolutions and goal-setting, but there are still a few people like me who just can’t get enough advice and intel on this front, and who are constantly tweaking their resolutions to make them more achievable, sustainable, and enjoyable. With that in mind, I’ve been writing a ton of pieces about resolutions, and what’s cool is that despite being based on one topic, they’re all super different!

Elite runners share their advice, top coaches share their favorite resolutions (one says getting a child running is the best resolution, which I LOVED!), and I talk all about the resolutions NOT worth making, both in terms of your athletic progress and in terms of your diet and nutrition. Each has some serious nuggets of wisdom and I had a blast putting these together. So check out the one that speaks to you!

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Let me know in the comments: What are your resolutions this year?


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