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Some days, you need to dress up.

June 16, 2011

Some days, you need to dress up.

And on those days, I really like wearing this dress:

Bike dress for the win!
Also, I didn't realize I had such a serious bike tan until now.

On the down side, I’m incredibly nervous right now. I was out riding and my legs started doing the cramping thing again. My body overproduces creatine kinase, to a ridiculous extent (on rest days, my creatine levels are similar to those you’d see in a football player mid-training camp). So, sometimes, that causes massive amounts of cramping. Yikes.

Normally it doesn’t bother me much, but it started tweaking today when I was out riding. Hopefully it’s nothing, because this is a big weekend- my 24th birthday and the Pro-1-2-3 Harlem Criterium. Fingers crossed it only lasts a day.

I’ve been reading The Thrive Diet and really liking what the guy has to say, though I think he’s a little extreme sometimes. I don’t have the time/commitment to do things like make smoothies every morning for breakfast, but I do think I’ll just start buying Odwalla smoothies every week and having them instead. And I’m going to make every effort to eat a salad as one meal and then a healthy stir fry for the other. We’ll see… but I’m going to try!

In other news… I’m going to LA to see my best friend AJ for a few days at the beginning of July, I can’t wait! It’s going to be incredible, I haven’t been to LA in a few years and I loved it out there.

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