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We Did A Dumb (or Brilliant) Thing…

September 15, 2016

We Did A Dumb (or Brilliant) Thing…

3AM for the swim start of Ironman Louisville in 2011. What was I thinking?
3AM for the swim start of Ironman Louisville in 2011. What was I thinking?

Remember how I was talking about fall being a time for me to set goals? Well, I took it really seriously, and dragged Peter down with me, because earlier this week, we both pressed “Pay Now” and signed up for Ironman Canada in Whistler at the end of July 2017. And anyone who’s signed up for an Ironman knows what a painful “Pay Now” that is, so we’re 100% in. There’s no refund, and I’m damn well not going to lose that entry fee, so it’s on.

This is particularly nuts because a) I swore I’d never do that to myself again and b) Peter has never done a triathlon. But what’s the point of a goal if it doesn’t strike fear into your heart, right?

So, in less than a year, I’ll be swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 and running 26.2. Again. But at least this time, I’ll be doing it right—stay tuned for a ton of new content here, on the Consummate Athlete Podcast and probably a few other places as we endeavor to train while maintaining an insane travel schedule, get back to serious volume, and completely overhaul how I approach a long race, trying to avoid the mistakes I made last time.

This post is pretty short, I know, but I’ve recently read a ton on the value of declaring your goals in public, so here’s ours.

And I should also add that Ironman is only 1/4 of our crazy scheme for August. Anyone in the Vancouver/Whistler area, get ready. We have a plan.

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